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Multi Channel.

Why limit your route to market to only your website?

Multichannel marketing refers selling across different market places, these can include, amazon,, ebay, etc. The goal of multichannel marketing is to connect with your customers and potential customers using their preferred channel and then getting them to invest in your product. The beauty of multi-channel marketing if it is done correctly, is that you get to keep control of stock management and order processing – this makes for an efficient management system.

In a world were consumer is king, choice becomes more important and multichannel marketing offers this.

Of course to execute this effectively, you need to know where your consumers are, what websites they’re visiting and what words they are searching for to find your product.

To meet this challenge we access our data sources to identify the best ways to engage with your target audience.

Our 3 Step Approach

information and overview about our multi-channel marketing solution

Feed Creation

Export your current product database into a feed that can be used to pass your information into various mulch-channel environments.

Channel Integrations

Integrate your product feed with different channels as well as stock management systems.

Test & Delivery

Start selling your products through multiple channels and see your sales rocket!